Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Wedding Tree

Wedding season is in full swing and sales of my wedding tree in my esty store have been great this year!  If you know someone getting married, you should tell them this about this unique way to create a guestbook.(And it makes great artwork for the home after the wedding!)  It's also a great gift for that close friend or relative for their wedding, just make sure to coordinate it with them in advance!

Here's a photo of my wedding tree from our wedding last September:


  1. Those are nice. I don't know of anyone getting married soon but if/when I do I will tell them. I wish I had one of those of my wedding...where were you when I needed you??? Those could actually work pretty well for any big occasion you wanted to you have ones for graduation and such too? Following. Simple Wyrdings

  2. Thanks for the kind words, I loved my wedding tree so much I figured I should sell them! I do also have them listed as family reunion trees....but hadn't thought about graduation. Thanks for the tip!