Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Candy Buffet.....the newest Wedding Trend

My sister in law got married a few weeks ago and my mother in law asked me to set up the candy buffet for her.  I gladly accepted as I wanted one at my wedding last year but couldn't find a way to pull it off.

So, I took what all she had bought and ran with it!  I found small white paper bags and made cute labels with the bride/groom name, wedding date and the phrase "Love is Sweet."  I coordinated all the candy labels and tied everything up with different kinds of black and white ribbons.

I was really excited with how it turned out and so was everyone else!  My mother in law has been getting calls about it ever since!  This may lead to a new endeavor for me....I may start up a small candy buffet renting business.  (Lots to think about there!)

Here's a few pictures I took really quickly with my phone, they are pretty terrible.  I hope the photographer has some better ones!

Have you been to a wedding with a candy buffet?  Did you think it was a cute idea?  What would you do differently?


  1. I wrote an article last year for one of those brides mag's about this - we got some cute pics BUT personally, I think the candy bar is better suited for baby showers - but that's just my opp :)I'm your latest GFC follower - hope you can stop by my place soon too.

  2. This is a good idea for baby showers! There's probably a lot of baby shaped candies out there!

  3. Hi..I just joined in as a follower. I LOVE this idea for weddings and showers. My hubby is a banquet captain at a local hotel/casino and says they are huge right now and that people really seem to love them. Who doesn't like candy? LOL I found this candy place yesterday and they have tons of cool stuff. He also said that someone did a soft serve ice cream bar with the cake and had tons of toppings including crushed candy. That too was a hit. Come visit my blog sometime.

  4. Mamalou - Thanks for the candy web site, they do have a lot of cool things. I'll check out your blog!