Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Daily Favorite

I'm not sure if all of you have heard of Hautelook.com or not, but it has quickly become one of may favorite places over the last year.  I'm a sucker for a good deal and they send out new deals everyday!!!  It's not just 1 or 2 things either....it's like multiple items!!  It's clothing, shoes, purses, bags, home accessories, rugs, kid's toys, vacations, EVERYTHING up to 75% off!!!

I have bought gifts, clothing for myself, shoes, purses, pillows, chairs....all at up to 75% off retail.  I just love looking at what is for sale everyday!  (They are not paying me to blog about this, I'm not cool enough for that...but if you sign up from my links, I get a $10 credit the first time you buy something.)

Here's a few things they have for sale today that I am digging on....might just have to buy that Jessica Simpson purse!!  Oh...and you can't actually see what they have on sale without signing up.  It makes you want it even more since you can't see it!  haha

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