Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Splash of Color

After talking about it for what seems like forever, I am finally 99% done with my kitchen in the new house.  We finally got our Ikea island on Tuesday night, it's all put together and installed in the kitchen.  I have to oil the butcher block top for 2 months and just got the first coat on's definitely going to be worth it as we were already seeing marks from drinks, etc after only using it for a day!

I painted the kitchen an awesome turquoise blue color and I'm accenting it with bright yellow and red accessories.  I'm not afraid of color in any way, but my husband took a few days to adjust to the new colors.

All I have left now is to find the perfect accent pieces to add to my new white Ikea shelf!

Here's a before picture, blah:

And here are some after pictures, yeah!

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