Thursday, October 20, 2011

Smell that paint!

I painted my bedroom and bathroom this past weekend, with a little help from my husband.  I started the bedroom on Saturday and decided to prime....for some reason I let the Lowe's guy talk me into using oil based primer.  WOW, did I make a mistake listening to him!  It stank SO bad, I had a headache all day and had to sit outside for like 2 hours after only spending about 20 minutes painting! 

Anyways, I finished up the room on Sunday after letting the primer air out all day Saturday.  Here's a picture of the new bathroom and I'll post pictures of the bedroom once I have new new curtains made and installed!  By the way...I have been looking for a place to hang my capiz shell lampshade since we moved in and I finally found a place, as you'll see in the pic.  It really makes our bathroom seem fancy!

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