Friday, November 5, 2010

Urban Mining

I went to Urban Mining Housewares last night for the Holiday Preview Sale with my friend Erica.  Urban Mining is a really cool vintage market in Westport, it's not a huge place to spend the whole afternoon, but a good size for an evening of shopping with dinner after!  I love places like this and can't wait for the next adventure down at the River Market antique mall.  It's so fun searching for special gems and seeing great reminders of childhood memories with my family! (There were plenty of these there last night!)  Here's just a few interesting things that I saw.....some SUPER creepy and some pretty cool!

 I really liked these silhouettes, but I could make them myself very easily and use images of my own family!
 This monkey was the creepiest thing in the store, like it would kill you at night!!
My brother, Ben, had one of these banks as a kid.  My sister and I used to love stealing it from him and using it ourselves, it just seemed like one of the most amazing things as a child.  My mom found his a few years ago and gave it back to him, I think he has it in his room storing all his most precious items!

I was in love with this last one, but figured since I'm married now that I should get the approval of my husband.  I think he likes it and I'm dying to go back on Sunday and buy it...(you get 10% off on Sundays!)  I'm thinking you could spray paint the pole a bright color and add it to any room in the house!  It's just an awesome vintage lamp, the pole goes from floor to ceiling and it's tethered.  So cool....

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