Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Our Baby Nursery

As I promised, I am finally posting pictures of our baby boy's nursery!  It took a lot of compromising with my husband, he thought everything I was picking out was just too girly.  Once he talked to a friend of his who also just had a baby boy and he said, "just let her do what she wants, he's a baby, it's all free game" it became easier to compromise....or not have to anymore!  haha  Well, he'll be here in about 7 weeks and I think he's just going to adore his new room.

It took us about 2-3 days to paint the room and that included the accent wall, which was pretty easy to paint...just required lots of tape!  I also created 4 pieces of custom artwork and bought a few pieces that I fell in love with.

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